Corporate Travel Service

Haynie Travel Service Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our business travel clients. We understand the intricacies of business travel and the importance of being the trustworthy and experienced resource to manage your company’s travel planning, purchasing, and management reporting needs.

In partnering with FROSCH Travel International, only Haynie Travel is equipped to provide the added-value amenities, tools, programs, and services to our area’s business clients: a comprehensive business travel management program typically enjoyed by only the nation’s largest corporate accounts. Through this exclusive partnership, Haynie Travel delivers total end-to-end travel solutions combining local, highly personalized service with the global clout of FROSCH Travel International, one of the largest business travel agencies in the United States. Haynie Travel stands alone as the only travel agency in the region able to offer this level of service and cost-saving benefits.

Haynie Travel/FROSCH understands the complexities of business travel and the importance of serving as a trustworthy and dependable partner in your travel management program. With our extensive experience and a suite of features designed to simplify and economize your bookings, you can rest assured that your travelers are in good hands. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we employ a high-level service approach with management involvement to ensure that you are optimizing your travel program. Operating with more than 1800 employees across more than 35 offices on 6 continents, FROSCH International has solidified its position among the top 10 agencies (as recognized by Travel Weekly) in the United States, and is lauded for its Global Centers of Excellence throughout North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


  • Dedicated team of agents accessible via a dedicated toll-free number & email address
  • In-house After-Hours support accessible by all travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Experienced Account Manager to serve as point of contact and oversee travel operations
  • Successful implementation of various online booking tools by our internal team of experts
  • Secure Travel Portal to house travel policy, negotiated contracts & informational documents
  • FROSCH/Haynie Travel negotiated contracts to ensure optimal savings on each transaction
  • White Glove Service: Invitation only division to service VIP travelers of corporate accounts
  • Dedicated divisions for Meetings & Events, Rewards & Incentives, Personal & Leisure Travel

Not all companies seeking global travel consultancy have the same needs — and yet most global travel management companies take the same form and approach to servicing each client. FROSCH/Haynie Travel is different.

Through our Global Centers of Excellence, FROSCH/Haynie Travel maintains an ample global presence, complimented by the regional expertise of each of our Centers of Excellence. FROSCH/Haynie Travel is able to provide global travel solutions, combined with local presence and expertise through our streamlined infrastructure featuring management on both a local and global scale. Today, FROSCH/Haynie Travel’s Global Centers of Excellence touch 6 continents with the ability to ticket locally in over 50 specific markets. FROSCH/Haynie Travel provides a fresh, innovative, and uniquely personal approach, delivering solutions that truly fit globally, and locally – all built on a foundation of service excellence. FROSCH/Haynie Travel is able to consistently deliver our clients tangible value, travel spend leverage, and maximized savings.

Custom Designed Travel Programs
Every travel program that FROSCH/Haynie Travel implements is custom designed, allowing you to pick and choose from our suite of services.

Implementation & Consultation
Our consultative approach begins in our implementation process:
identifying the priorities and challenges of your current program and providing potential solutions and options for improvement.

Dedicated Account Manager
During implementation, our clients are introduced to their dedicated account manager. Your account manager serves as the eyes and ears of your travel program – constantly analyzing your spend, advising the travel manager on more cost-effective solutions, streamlining and overseeing all processes, monitoring customer satisfaction, and keeping a finger on the pulse of the travel industry to keep travelers informed.

Absolutely No Call Centers
Many agencies service their clients utilizing call centers – but FROSCH/Haynie Travel takes a personal approach. We believe successful travel programs thrive on developing personal relationships with each traveler.

Dedicated Agent Teams
Our travel consultants are highly skilled in their professions; they are familiar with creating complex global itineraries, utilizing creative ticketing to ensure lowest cost airfares, and servicing the most VIP of clients. Our dedicated team configuration ensures each of our travel consultants becomes intimately aware of your goals and service expectations and enables them to establish relationships and learn the preferences of each traveler.

In-House After-Hours Service
Your travelers will be serviced after hours by our in-house team of consultants strategically located throughout the U.S. to provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Robust Reporting Options
FROSCH/Haynie Travel’s reporting department plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal savings for your company, giving you and your account manager a clear picture of your travel habits and trends. Utilizing iBank, reporting is updated in real-time and accessible through an easy to use online dashboard.

Online Booking Tool Expertise
FROSCH/Haynie Travel is an industry leader in the successful implementation and adoption of multiple online booking tools, with all customization done in-house by FROSCH/Haynie Travel. We have proven training and communication methods that result in a 65% average client adoption level.

Proprietary Secure Travel Portals
Our travel portals are dynamic and fully customizable, with options for single sign on. Designed to help travelers on the move or in the office, the portal provides access to profiles, traveler tracking, reporting, invoices, travel alerts and more!

Expertise to Leverage Optimal Fares
Through direct and exclusive agreements, local contracts through our Global Centers of Excellence, various discounted hotel programs, creative ticketing and internal QC checks, FROSCH/Haynie Travel has at it’s fingertips the tools and expertise to leverage savings on all transactions.

Lowest Logical Airfare Guarantee
Our travel consultants utilize creative ticketing techniques, exclusive airline contracts, access to non-GDS content, and mid-office quality control software that automatically checks the GDS for airfare changes, to ensure the lowest logical airfare for all clients.

Travel Policy & Cost Containment
Your dedicated account manager will help you design or refine your travel policy to maximize cost-savings. Through our accurate reporting, your travel spend is completely transparent which allows your account manager to analyze the spend every step of the way and ensure proper cost containment.

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