How it All Began

The 80+ years of History behind Haynie Travel Service!

Mildred Smith Haynie
Founder-Haynie Travel Service

It all began in 1938 with Mildred and Gilmore Haynie, avid world travelers, who were aboard an Italian Line steamship sailing home to the U.S. following an extended tour of European countries.

Mr. and Mrs. Haynie were seated for dinner with the U.S. president of the Italian Line, and in discussing their travels Mrs. Haynie told her dining companions how difficult it was, living in a smaller mid-western city, to plan for their trips abroad.

The executive with the Italian Line suggested in response, that in order to make life easier for planning vacations, that it was possible to become appointed by his steamship company, and other travel providers, to provide representation and reservation services in those areas where such services were, as of yet, unavailable.

Mrs. Haynie thought this was such an intriguing idea, that she coaxed her husband Gilmore into staying over in New York City upon their disembarkation. After visiting all of the major steamship, railway and airline companies along Fifth Avenue, Haynie Travel Service, one of the first travel agencies in Indiana, was born. Following their return home, Mrs. Haynie quickly set up shop in their home, and the business took off from there.

An Ad placed in the local paper 4/21/1946

Mildred and Gilmore's son, Kenneth G. Haynie, joined the fledgling business following his military service in World War II, which by this time had taken office space in downtown Evansville. This location was taken over by the city for redevelopment, and Mr. Haynie saw an opportunity to move the agency to the city's fast growing east side. Moving once again in 1985, the travel service is still located there today, and run by Kenneth's son Robert, now the third generation Haynie to lead Haynie Travel, in 1979.

Although the travel industry is one that Mildred (deceased 1977) and her son Kenneth (deceased 2000) in many ways would hardly recognize, the business philosophy embraced from the very beginning is still most relevant in today's marketplace.

This portrait of our founder, Mildred Haynie, hangs prominently and over sees the day to day business of not only assisting travelers, but listening to travelers, and making their dreams a reality. We think she would be proud.

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